"JoVi Box"

Limited Edition


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"JoVi Box" Limited Edition

Cozy sweet sensations

"JoVi Box" Limited Edition

The 4 wonders of the holiday season!

"JoVi Box" Includes:

Marcala Coffee

Discover the rich, smooth flavors of Marcala, Honduras. Our beans offer a full-bodied experience with sweet, harmonized with luxurious chocolate and floral and citrus.

Guatemalan Coffee

Savor the robust essence of Guatemala in every cup. Our Guatemalan coffee boasts a full, complex flavor profile, balancing sweetness with apple pie and tangerine undertones.

Ethiopian Coffee

Embark on a flavor adventure with our Ethiopian coffee. Originating from the birthplace of coffee, these beans encapsulate a spectrum of flavors – from floral to fruity, to wine-like notes

Holiday Blend

Celebrate the season with our special Holiday Blend. Crafted from a mix of the world’s finest beans, this blend offers a festive symphony of flavors – chocolate, nutty and sweet.