Dark Roast Coffee

Dark roast coffees are dark brown with a shiny, oily surface. Dark roast typically has a heavy body and low acid, with deep, sweet flavor notes. These coffees typically have a rich, classic diner-style coffee flavor.

Medium roast coffees are medium brown in color, with no oil on the bean surface. Medium roast tends to be sweeter than light roast, with more body and balanced acidity. This is the beautiful result of natural coffee flavors harmoniously with an even, smooth flavor. What distinguishes a dark roast coffee is the roasting process itself. The beans are roasted longer, allowing them to develop a deeper flavor profile. This also results in a lower caffeine content and less acidity. As such, dark roast coffees are often preferred by those, who prefer a bolder, richer flavor. However, the bitterness of some dark roasts can be off-putting to some coffee drinkers. If you’re new to dark roast coffees, it’s best to start with a lighter variety and gradually work your way up to the darker roasts. With their deep, complex flavors, dark roast coffees are genuinely an acquired taste. But for coffee lovers who appreciate a bold cup of joe, they’re definitely worth trying.