Light Roast Coffee

Light roast coffee is a product of a roasting process that produces light brown beans with a matte surface. The flavor profile has more subtlety than other standard coffees, making it perfect for those who want their caffeine fix without any significant kick in taste or aftertaste!

A light roast coffee is typically roasted until the first crack, when you will hear a snapping or cracking noise. At this stage, the coffee bean will expand in size and change in color from green to yellow, then light brown. If the light roast coffee is roasted for a longer time, it will enter into the second crack stage. You will then hear a louder cracking sound as the coffee bean expands and gets darker in color, turning reddish-brown. The second crack stage is also when you start to smell some of the oils on the surface of the coffee bean come to the surface. Depending on how long you roast the light roast coffee, it can develop some medium roast characteristics. If you are looking for a lightly roasted coffee, it will typically have tasting notes of floral, tea-like, fruity, bright, citrusy, and fragrant aromas

On a light roast profile, you will want to look for more delicate flavors since they are not overshadowed by roasted qualities like smokiness or chocolate notes found in dark roasted coffees. When brewing a lightly roasted coffee, we recommend using Filtered water since chlorine and other impurities can amplify any flaws in lower quality coffees much more accessible than with higher quality coffees where most of those defects have been sorted out during processing and careful sourcing by the farmer and roaster.



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